Policy on Loss of Original Credit/Debit Card or Replacement of Credit/Debit Card


Although it is mandatory for customers to carry their original Credit/Debit cards used for issuance of online (web) tickets and PIA has the right to deny boarding if the customer is unable to produce the same at the time check-in. However, under extreme circumstances where the customer has lost the original Credit/Debit card or the issuing bank has replaced with new card, we may facilitate our valued customers subject to following conditions to avoid any inconvenience at the time of check-in at airport:


a)    The customer must report to PIA at least 72 hours prior to departure time of flight  through email to web.ticketing@piac.aero at any time or alternatively through telephone call on +92-21-9924-2347 during office hours between 0830-1730 (Pakistan Standard Time).


b)    Provisioning of following documents:


           Incase of Lost Credit/Debit cards & Credit/Debit card reissuance by Bank


1.    Copy of New Credit/Debit Card.


2.    Copy of Credit/Debit card statement bearing online ticket purchase transaction.


3.    Letter from issuing bank confirming that the card has been lost & reissued.


4.    Copy of Identity document of Credit/Debit card holding customer (Passport & National ID).


5.    Personal signed indemnity to assume responsibility in the event of any charge-back claims on said Credit/Debit card. (Click here to view Indemnity Form)


Policy on Out of Sequence Coupons

**Out of sequence coupons would not be accepted for travel.

Coupons must be lifted in right sequence e.g. Sequence 1 * KHI-LHR & Sequence 2 * LHR-KHI.